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Protect Your Right to Elect Your Own Congress 
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WHEREAS, the right of the people to elect their own Representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives is fundamental to our constitutional republic, and

WHEREAS, ignoring over 200 years of Constitutional history and precedent, the Continuity of Government Commission has recommended a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution to allow the appointment rather than the election of Members to fill vacancies in the U.S. House of Representatives, and

WHEREAS, the possibility of large numbers of vacancies in Congress resulting from a potential terrorist attack is remote, such a drastic change in our form of government unnecessarily poses a dangerous threat to our liberties, and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Constitution in Article I, Section 4 already gives Congress the authority to require speedy special elections, and

WHEREAS, the United States survived the burning of the U.S. Capitol by the British in 1814, the Civil War, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Cold War threat of nuclear annihilation, and the terrorist attack of 9-11 without giving up our right to self-government through our elected Representatives,

BE IT RESOLVED, that ______________________ oppose any constitutional amendment that takes away from the American people their Constitutionally protected right to elect their own Representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives.

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By signing this petition, you are helping to protect your right to elect your own Member of Congress. We will keep you informed of developments as they occur.
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